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  1. Safe deposit boxes at SS&L

    Safe deposit boxes at SS&L

    Did you know Slovenian offers safe deposit boxes? A safe deposit box is a secure metal box locked in a bank vault that can be rented by customers to store valuables.

    As the world has become more and more digital, renting a safe deposit box to securely store physical objects is less common than it once …

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  2. Slovenian Spotlight: Holly Ott

    Slovenian Spotlight: Holly Ott

    Holly Ott has a lifelong history with Slovenian Savings & Loan.

    “I grew up in East Conemaugh, and my mom used to take me to the Conemaugh branch of Slovenian. I loved it, because I’d always get a lollipop and all the ladies who worked there were so nice,” she says with a laugh. “Some of …

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  3. Great rates on CDs now!

    Great rates on CDs now!

    CD interest rates have risen dramatically for the first time in several years. If you’re ready to invest some money but the current volatility of the stock market concerns you, an 18- or 27-month CD is a great option.

    Just a $500 minimum balance is required to open a CD, and you can get an interest …

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  4. Slovenian Spotlight: Marlaina Koss

    Slovenian Spotlight: Marlaina Koss

    Marlaina Koss, who has been a teller with us since 2019, loves being a part of the Conemaugh community.

    As a teenager, Marlaina delivered the “Saving Your Dollar Shopper,” a long-since discontinued periodical. She enjoyed getting to know people in the community as she made her rounds, and finds working for Slovenian provides her the same …

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  5. Slovenian Spotlight: Susie Lavely

    Slovenian Spotlight: Susie Lavely

    Susie Lavely is a lifelong resident of Johnstown. A Westmont Hilltop graduate, she has been part of the teller team at our West Hills branch for five years.

    “I love how community-based Slovenian Savings & Loan is,” Susie says. “Most of our customers are from around here, and I really enjoy getting to know them.”

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  6. Now hiring! Full-time teller for our West Hills branch

    Now hiring! Full-time teller for our West Hills branch

    Come work with us! Slovenian Savings & Loan is seeking a full-time teller for our West Hills branch. We’re looking for self-starters who can take the initiative when responding to customer concerns and complaints. The ideal candidate will have a friendly personality and a head for numbers. They should understand the roles that financial institutions …

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  7. Beware of online scams this holiday season!

    Beware of online scams this holiday season!

    Online scams are increasing as the holiday shopping season continues. Generally speaking, scammers will attempt to gain trust by impersonating a known contact or business, and will often create their own verification procedure that seems legitimate – like asking for personal information on a website or over the phone.

    To stay safe online, Slovenian Savings & …

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  8. Congratulations to Scott Malisko, the new Vice President at Slovenian!

    Congratulations to Scott Malisko, the new Vice President at Slovenian!

    Scott Malisko has been promoted to Slovenian Savings & Loan’s new Vice President! Born and raised in Windber, Scott is a 1997 graduate of Windber High School. He began his career in banking as a teller in 2001, while still working on his business degree at Penn State-Altoona. In 2004 he became the Branch Manager …

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