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Safe deposit boxes at SS&L

Safe deposit boxes at SS&L

Did you know Slovenian offers safe deposit boxes? A safe deposit box is a secure metal box locked in a bank vault that can be rented by customers to store valuables.

As the world has become more and more digital, renting a safe deposit box to securely store physical objects is less common than it once was. But safe deposit boxes are still an excellent choice to store items like:

  • Personal papers, including wills, birth certificates, marriage licenses, important contracts or other key business papers
  • Valuable collections of small items, such as coins, stamps, or other rare collectibles
  • Jewelry

Using a safe deposit box to store these types of items provides security and peace of mind.

When you rent a safe deposit box, you’ll pay an annual fee and receive a key to the box. A bank employee will accompany you into the vault when you come in to access your box. Access is limited to people whose names are on the lease.

Interested in renting a safe deposit box at Slovenian? Talk to a teller today to get started.

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