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Slovenian Spotlight: Lynn Yingling

Slovenian Spotlight: Lynn Yingling

Lynn Yingling always knew she wanted to work for Slovenian Savings & Loan as her lifelong career with job security and opportunity.

“Slovenian is first and foremost a community, hometown bank, and that was my goal – to get to be part of my community, and to work in this area,” she says.

As a high school student at Conemaugh Valley High School, Lynn found she enjoyed math and accounting the most. She and her husband, Bill, began dating as sophomores, and have been together ever since.

First hired by Slovenian in 1986, Lynn became head teller at the Conemaugh branch in 1993, a position she continues to hold.

Lynn notes that working for Slovenian is like being part of a family that includes not only the employees and management, but also the board of directors and customers.

“I enjoy the work I do. The days go by so fast — it’s such a pleasant atmosphere,” she says.

Together the staff has worked together through many changes in banking procedures, beginning in the late 80s when everything was on spreadsheets, ledger paper and passbooks, to the present time with computers, online banking, and direct deposit — as well as digital technologies like ATM machines, debit cards, debit alerts, and mobile, online and phone banking. Lynn finds it fun to learn new banking technologies as they’re developed and implemented, and sharing that knowledge with the customers.

“At Slovenian, we pride ourselves on good customer service. Working with our customers and showing them how new products and services can benefit them is my favorite part of my job,” she explains.

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