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  1. Protect Yourself with Debit Alerts

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    Credit card fraud is responsible for billions of losses worldwide each year. In an effort to help customers protect their accounts, VISA has mandated that all banks – including Slovenian Savings & Loan – offer debit alerts to their customers using VISA-branded debit cards.

    The idea is simple – if you have a VISA card issued by SS&L, you can opt into receiving alerts designed to help detect credit card fraud. You can choose to receive alerts via text or email when:

    • A large purchase is made (you choose the dollar amount)
    • A purchase is made without the card being present – for example, an online purchase
    • A purchase is made outside the country

    In short, alerts put you in control of your account information by helping detect fraudulent activity early.

    Enrolling in debit alerts is easy – visit our e-banking page and click “Enroll Today”. You’ll then be taken to the First Data website, where you’ll follow simple instructions to enroll.

    Get peace of mind – enroll today!