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How To Enroll in Electronic Statements

Electronic Statements Are Now Available for SS&L Banking!

To enroll yourself in Electronic Statements, complete the following steps:

1. Log onto your online banking account

2. In the menu, go to Documents or Account Settings

3. Select Details to view all enrolled notices and statements

  • By default, all document types are selected for all accounts. You can deselect documents to unenroll from them.

4. Verify the email address shown

  • If you update the email address here, the change carries through to the email address listed on the NetTeller ID at the financial institution.

5. Scroll through the agreement, and then select the agreement check box before selecting Enroll Now

  • Select OK within the enrollment confirmation window to complete the process. A confirmation email is also generated.
  • Enrollment updates or changes require approximately two business days to process.